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As we make the move from USB-A to USB-C and the number of devices that can be charged from a USB port continues to multiply, our need for compact charging solutions continues to grow. The Choetech USB-C Desktop Charger is one potential solution that can help with your charging needs.


Video: Nobody likes spending money for a cable to replace the one that came with your smartphone, tablet, or other battery-draining device. You know, the cable you can't find, the one that's weirdly frayed, or the one that your loving pet chewed to pieces.


From the new iPhone to drones and smartwatches, there's a ton of cool tech out there. Unfortunately, these devices rarely share the same charging cable, forcing us to lug around a few sets of cables if we're hoping to keep them all powered up on the move. The 3-in-1 USB-C, Lightning, MicroUSB Cable puts an end to this with all the cables you could ever need — all conveniently located on the same cord!


Dear Lifehacker, I just bought a new laptop with USB type C charging. The manufacturer's wall charger is rated 45W, and is not modular - the USB-C cable is all one piece with the power adaptor. I'd love to minimise the gear I take on the go, so ideally I'd like a wall charger that is modular so I can plug in a micro USB cable for my phone / Bluetooth headset, and a USB-C cable for my laptop.

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Spoiler, the answer is yes: If your battery needs charging, go ahead and charge it overnight while you sleep. The reason it's even a question has to do with outdated battery technologies, old fears solved by modern smartphones and other concerns that this Android Authority video addresses in good order.


I dislike combo gadgets, and prefer tools that do one thing well instead of a dozen things poorly. But the Nomad Leather Wallet for iPhone does two things very well, and is as good-looking as it is useful. If you're looking for a slick way to carry your cards and cash, and charge your phone on the go, this wallet is the perfect balance of quality, style and utility.


Portable USB chargers drain power quickly if you're charging multiple devices, and the charger itself always needs to be charged up to work. So, Instructables user 3zuli decided to make his own universal charger that can draw power from just about anything.


Long-term Mac fans may well have a few of those MacBook "duckhead" charger adaptors lying around. Redditor patrik_niko discovered that these adaptors can actually plug into lots of different devices, allowing you to reduce the number of cables you have lying around.


Dear Lifehacker, I have a lot of chargers lying around from various mobile phones and laptops I've owned over the years. They all seem to work fine enough, but I'm a little scared after reading about the woman who was electrocuted by a charger. Does it matter which charger I use?