Ask LH: Can I Plug A 4G SIM Into My Router?

Dear Lifehacker, I recently moved house and I have had to make do with using a 4G/3G USB modem for internet access. Is there a way to plug this thing into a Wi-Fi router so it acts like an ADSL modem/router does? I seem to remember devices like this in the past. Thanks, Rerouted

Dear Rerouted,

The easiest solution is to turn your 4G/3G modem into a Wi-Fi hotspot using a compatible wireless router. Your modem simply plugs into the router’s USB port to create Wi-Fi zone for all your devices.

You should be able to snap one up for around $50-$80. You can get these direct from the major telco providers offering 4G services as well as third-party vendors like Netcomm. Check out Lifehacker’s 4G hotspot Planhacker for a comprehensive list.

Naturally, you’ll want to check your modem’s compatibility with the router before making your purchase: most models will have a list of compatible devices on the packaging. Also, if you’re not planning to be in one place for a long while, it makes sense to go with a pre-paid plan rather than a contract.


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