Job Descriptions Are About The Role, Not The Person

Job Descriptions Are About The Role, Not The Person

Having trouble finding the right candidate for a role? It might well be because you’re putting too much effort into describing the person you’re seeking rather than what the role itself requires.

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Adler Group CEO Lou Adler made this point in a recent LinkedIn post LinkedIn post highlighted by our sibling publication Business Insider:

It seems obvious that if a company wants to hire people who are both competent and motivated to do the work required, they need to start by defining the work required. Yet somehow this basic concept is lost when a new job opens up. Instead of defining the job, managers focus on defining the person. The end result is not a job description at all, but a person description.

The lesson? If that job ad is filled with phrases like “You are” and “You will be”, the role itself isn’t being defined.

What Employers Get Wrong When Writing The Job Description [Business Insider]


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