Hide Your Speakers With A DIY Bookshelf Boombox

Hide Your Speakers with a DIY Bookshelf Boombox

Don't like the look of a regular MP3 player dock? Make contributor Steve Hoefer put together a hidden bookshelf speaker system for his music.

Hoefer didn't think a standard speaker set would suit the decor of his reading room, so he got creative. By gutting a few old books and reinforcing them, he was able to create a perfect housing for a speaker, amplifier and a music device. It looks right at home on his bookshelf or side table. He even used a muslin cover to let sound escape from the books without getting muffled.

To follow in his footsteps or get inspired for your own project, check out his tutorial using the link below.

Bookshelf Boombox [Make]


    100% reflected audio from 'hidden speaker' = like 25% frequency loss..

    This seems fine if you want music in the background the same way you might have in an office, or the doctors waiting room.... Personally i'll just buy some decent looking speakers.

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