Turn Your Bookshelves Into Secret Cupboards

This nifty bit of do-it-yourself work transforms and hides away your valuables behind a wall-mounted bookshelf.

Image: Korostelevm

I love books, and I love the idea of secret hiding places as well. That's probably Enid Blyton's fault. This nifty design uses load-bearing casters placed underneath a bookshelf in front of a doorframe to hide away secret goodies in an easily accessible, but not entirely obvious way. I do like the ingenuity, although I'm not quite so fond of what the particular bookshelf is used to hide, however.

Door hidden by bookcase is a marvel of DIY engineering [HackADay]


    Rather impressive.

    Are they guns?

    I am now dreaming of replacing all doors in my house with bookshelves.
    Not to hide anything, but because I'm fast running out of space to store books, movies and games.

      That will probably end with you having to pick up everything off the floor after the door slams shut and everything falls off the shelf.

    with a bit of trickery you could have it as one of those book cases that open automaticlty when you pull the pull the book like in old scooby-doo cartoons

    Anybody can give information?

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