Do You Follow A Specific Diet?

Do You Follow A Specific Diet?

We haven’t crunched the numbers, but it sometimes feels like there are more diets out there than there are people to follow them. Some diets spring from medical necessity, some from philosophical belief, and some for just trying to shed some weight or achieving other health goals. Do you follow a specific one?

We’re not really talking about just trying to eat healthier in general terms. What we’re really curious about is whether you follow a specific diet, no matter your reason for doing so. Think more in terms of paleo, vegan, gluten-free, no (or low) carb and so on.

So, tell us in the comments: What diet do you follow and why?


  • I have followed a vegan diet for over 15 years – and I love it

    It’s a no-brainer, really. Being vegan is better for the planet, better for the animals and better for the individual.

  • Vegetarian, because I don’t like abattoirs + 5:2 diet, because it really works at keeping my weight down and I can pig out 5 days per week.

  • Just started on 5:2 diet. After 3 weeks I’m happy with both the ease of following it, and the results so far.

    Interestingly I don’t feel like ‘pigging out’ on the other days. In fact it probably makes me a little more cautious of doing something silly. The best thing is going to the supermarket on one of the fasting days – as I’m not eating ‘it’ (whatever it is) today, I figure I don’t really need it.

    • I don’t feel any more like pigging out since I started the 5:2. I’ve just always been a glutton.

    • On the 6:1 version of that (as I wasn’t after weight loss) for five months now. Dropped, and have kept off, 5 kilos anyway, same experience with appetite “normalisation” – pigging out now would be an effort. Have found it easy to stick to and given the purported benefits, a no brainer to keep doing indefinitely.

  • Greek yogurt plus fruits and oats most mornings, sandwiches for lunch and salad with some kind of meat, usually poultry for dinner. That and infrequent cardio. Slowly working but I’m finding I need to mix it up or I crack and go on a binge. Losing about a kilo and a half a month but I’m already quite skinny so it’s not that easy.

  • I follow a diet that is similar to the “Paleo Diet” or the slow-carb diet. Meals are as follows:
    – Breakfast: Eggs, tomatoes and avocado
    – Lunch: Chicken or fish, spinach, carrots and beans/chickpeas
    – Dinner: Kangaroo or Fish, sweet potato, plus whatever veg are in season.
    – Snacks: Almonds/nuts or sometimes another high-protein source, if I am trying to gain muscle.
    – Drinks: Water and green tea.
    I have a cheat day once a week, generally on a Saturday, but that can be moved pending special events. I exercise six days per week (alternating bodyweight training and HIIT cardio, with martial arts classes on Mon/Tues/Wed.

  • I have dabbled with paleo and vegetarian diets but never seem to hold on to them very long. Most of the time I just eat whatever I feel like, generally relatively healthy foods but sometimes I binge on junk food (like now, since I’m writing an essay and the food helps with the stress). I’m fairly lucky though, I’ve never had issue with my weight. No matter what I do or don’t eat I always seem to stay the same weight and size. I’d like to eat better but my main motivation would be to help balance my moods and energy levels rather than my physical appearance.

  • Diet: keep eating carrots till I turn orange.
    So far it’s starting to work a little…

    Diets mainly consisting of fruit and vegies don’t work well with my digestion though, especially with too much fruit. That always leads to bad things. When I’m not being silly and trying to turn orange I like to eat balanced meals. As long as you don’t consume too much it doesn’t really matter what you eat really, as long as you’re not allergic to it.

    • I’m also attempting to turn myself orange for the gigs of it. Flooding your system with beta-carotene is a lot harder than I expected.

        • Stick a bag-o-carrots in the blender sans bag, with a few cups of water. Blend. Strain through a sieve. Add some OJ. Works a treat.

  • Tried vegetarian for a day, not working for me. Also after seeing all the supplements in the vegetarians cupboards, I’m not convinced. Besides, being vegetarian is also cruel to animals because we are now competing for the same food source – plants.

  • Low calorie with reasonably high (130g) protein, for weight loss. 10kgs down so far, 2 more to go. Then the calories will increase so I can start to build more muscle.

  • IIFYM is probably the closest to my approach. I don’t think it is appropriate to think of foods in isolation as ‘good or bad’. I don’t think from a physiological perspective that really makes much sense, with a few exceptions such as foods that are high in trans fatty acids.

    You have to look at your dietary intake from a holistic perspective. Thus foods aren’t good or bad, they just have certain consequences. So if I want a slice of pizza, that has certain consequences relating to whatever health or aesthetic goals I’m currently chasing, and I’ll have to modify the rest of my dietary intake accordingly.

    Mainly I eat a diet high in veggies, beef, and tuna.

    Also been using It’s a bit like Light n Easy but for people who are into bodybuilding/strength training.

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