Bento Showcases The Best Resources For Learning To Code

Bento Showcases The Best Resources For Learning To Code
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Want to learn web development and programming? Bento will start you off on the right foot by showing which courses or tutorials to take and then the next lessons after that.

You won’t find every single free programming resource here. Instead, Bento curates the best available learning content (such as Codecademy for HTML and JavaScript or previously mentioned Interactive Vim Tutorial for Vim), as selected by the site’s developer, Jon Chan, and it’s open to crowdsourced collaboration on GitHub.

There are about 80 languages covered here. One of the best features of Bento is that once you select a programming language or topic the site will highlight additional ones you might be interested in to further your understanding. Coupled with hundreds of free programming books and lots of free online classes, you have just about everything you need to get started coding.

Bento [via Noupe]


    • Why not be constructive and give some if your sites you recommend then instead of being passive aggressive.

      • Because there are hundreds if not thousands of good links.. It’s just that none of those particularly are, and I found it amusing how they claimed it curates the best, when at “best” it’s a list of basic tutorials much like just googling it.

        Happy to help, have been helping people learn to program while learning myself for nearly 13 years. ( )

        General: ##HTML – ##CSS – ##Javascript – ##PHP – ##Python

        #angularjs – #browserify – ##closure-tools – #coffeescript – #css – #d3.js – #documentcloud (Backbone, Underscore) – #dojo – #emberjs – #express – #googlemaps – #jadejs – #jquery – #knockoutjs – #mootools – #moutjs – #node.js – #prototype – #requirejs – ##twitter-bootstrap – #webgl – #yui – #grunt – #three.js

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