Where Do You Exercise?

Where Do You Exercise?

It can be hard to fit exercise into your daily schedule, especially if it’s a habit you’re just getting started building. Finding the right place to exercise may just make the difference between building a successful routine and not. Where do you get your exercise?

Aside from the obvious benefits, getting regular exercise can also help calm anxiety and keep you thinking straight. Perhaps you feel best working out with others in a gym, getting outside for some fresh air, or even exercising in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Or perhaps you fit in some exercise in more creative places. Where do you get your exercise?


  • I do my cardio outside – walking, running, swimming, riding, etc. I’ve recently joined a gym for the weights and they keep trying to talk me into doing cardio there, but I can’t think of anything worse than spending an hour running and not getting anywhere!!

  • I generally only lift at my gym (which is about a 4 minute walk from home). On occasion I’ll do some cardio there.

    I try to cycle to work and back (about 35 minutes each way) but I get lazy about it in the winter. The weather is picking up so I’m doing it at least a couple days a week (saves time and parking money as well). I’ve also got an indoor cycling trainer.

    I sometimes walk up and down the fire stairs at work of a lunch time.

    I play social indoor soccer and will be playing social touch footy.

    I try and get as much incidental cardio as I can without making it a specific activity.

    I’ll be doing a lot more targeted running sessions in the near future though because I’ll be entering a 10km beach run in January and doing a Tough Mudder in March next year.

    I think you just need to find the gaps where you can fit exercise in.

  • I try to make my 10,000 steps a day. On days when I’m not out and about quite as much, I pace while reading … most chapters of a book equal about 1,500 steps! Otherwise, I like to exercise outdoors, usually in the reserve near my home.

  • I try to take every chance I get to keep active (taking stairs instead of lifts, walking instead of driving etc) but there is something amazing, meditative and calming about listening to your favourite podcasts while running in the early hours of the morning or just as the sun is setting, especially when you’re doing 15kms at a stretch.

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