Relocate Lost Windows Using A Full Screen Windows 8 App

Every once in a wile, you can lose a window way off the edge of a screen (particularly if you swap between multi-monitor setups often). If this happens, you can use one of Windows 8's new full-screen apps to get it back.

Simply launch any full-screen Windows 8 app (Microsoft bundles a bunch, so you shouldn't have a problem finding one) and then snap it to the side of the screen. Once you go back to the desktop, you'll see that any apps off that edge of the screen have been relocated back into view.

Finally, you have a reason to use a "Modern UI" app!


    win+shift+left arrow
    no need for metro apps.

    To retrieve apps off the edge of any active screen, I use the Win+Left and Win+Right key combos, which will also shift app windows left and right across screens in Win 7 & 8... and that way you can still avoid using Metro Apps :P

    Last edited 29/09/13 7:59 am

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