Quickoffice Now Free On Android And iOS With Free Google Drive Storage

Quickoffice Now Free on Android and iOS with Free Google Drive Storage

Android/iOS: Quickoffice is our pick for the best office suite on both Android and iOS, but at $15 it was always a bit expensive. Now the app has become free, and comes packed with 10GB of free Google Drive storage if you log into the app this week.

On top of the new zero price, Quickoffice also gets a few updates, including the ability to create ZIP folders and a few more file types. If you sign into your Google account after downloading the app between today and 26 September, you'll also receive an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage for the next two years.

Quickoffice (free) [Google Play]

Quickoffice (free) [iTunes App Store]


    but why is it opening all Drive files as pdf's?

    Where did you get the information that you get 10GB free storage with the app? I see nothing to back this up on the Google Play page.

      Ah, found it on the Google Drive page for Google+:

      While we’re on the topic of free stuff, if you sign in to your Google Account from the new Quickoffice app for Android or iOS by September 26, 2013, you'll get an extra 10GB of Google Drive storage for two years, which will be added to your account in the next few weeks.

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