Google Is Retiring Quickoffice

Google Is Retiring Quickoffice

Google Docs, Sheets And Slides saw major updates last week, including a new iOS app for Sheets and the ability to directly edit Microsoft Office documents. One less obvious consequence of that shift? Quickoffice is being retired.

As Google Operating System points out, one of the main benefits of Google’s purchase of Quickoffice two years ago was its ability to directly handle Office formats — something Google’s own apps did a poor job of that the time. Now they can handle that function, the role of Quickoffice is less relevant, and distracts users from Google’s branded apps.

Existing Quickoffice owners can continue to use the apps, but according to Google they will soon be removed from online app stores and won’t be available to new users.

Quickoffice Will Be Discontinued [Google Operating System]


  • I use Docs 2 Go, but QuickOffice has 1 huge advantage over Google Docs. Offline access to files. I have all my documents stored on my phone. No need to worry about no reception.

    • In drive, you can just tick the box that allows for storage of offline files to do the same thing too. Granted, you’ll need to do this on a file-to-file basis though.

  • The QuickOffice spreadsheet on the Nokia E63 was so useful it almost made up for the lack off apps. I’ve never found a spreadsheet on iOS that was anywhere near as usable. I haven’t used it for years, of course, but it does still seem a bit of a shame.

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