How To Upgrade To iOS 7 Right Now

How To Upgrade To iOS 7 Right Now

Although iOS 7 won’t see an official release until September 18th, you can install the final version right now even if you’re not a developer thanks to some anonymous public postings of the software update files.

Note: We updated a few iDevices using these files and encountered no issues, but because we’re unable to verify every single one we can’t say for certain that problems won’t arise. This is the GM release — the same one that will get released to the world next week — so it should work just the same, but there’s always a chance you could run into an issue. Please be aware that there’s some risk involved before you upgrade.

Back Up First!

Before you do anything, back up your iDevice with iTunes. In the past, we’ve rarely seen an issue with early upgrades but that doesn’t mean issues don’t happen. You may need to restore your device, so back it up first!

Download iOS 7

Thanks to a public (and probably temporary) posting on Mega, a number of iOS 7 updates are available for download. Not all devices were posted, but if more show up we’ll add them. Here’s what’s available so far:

Note: iOS 7 requires a later version of iTunes so you may not be able to use your iDevice with iTunes post-update (at least, not until Apple releases the new version or you install the beta).

Install the Update

To install iOS 7 on your device, follow these instructions:

  1. Open up the disk image (.dmg) and find the iPhone Software Update file (.ipsw) for your device. Drag it to the desktop, or a folder of your choosing. (Windows users will need a tool like 7-Zip to do this, and will need to open the .hfs inside the .dmg as well.)
  2. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, to your computer.
  3. If your device isn’t automatically selected in iTunes, select it and go to the “Summary” tab.
  4. Hold down the option key (OS X) or the shift key (Windows) and click the Restore button. Browse to the .ipsw file you downloaded, select it, and wait for the update to finish.
  5. If necessary, restore your device from backup and sync with iTunes.

That’s it. If you follow those steps, you’ll be up and running iOS 7 in no time.


    • Probably, but I wouldn’t recommend it. If your employer has configured custom profiles etc they may be waiting to push these to all assets after the 18th. If you go early you might find some functions don’t work.

  • My corporate Lotus Notes Traveller profile transferred to iOS 7 no problems. But nothing is likely safe, some apps are still not functioning on iOS 7.

    • Thats because its not available on the iPhone 3GS 🙁 I’m a iPhone 3GS user as well but I have a iPod touch 5 should of keeped my iPod touch 4 and got a iPhone 5 or a iPhone 5S because they out now the iPhone 5S

    • yep! the Australian iPhone 5 is A1429, not A1428. Downloading iOS 7 for A1428 wont do any good for a GSM phone!

    • Updated my iPhone 5 using your second link and option+clicking on check for updates. 100% hassle free. Cheers 🙂

  • so its deft coming next wednesday? there wont be a 1 day behind america thing? cause i thought it would be thursday next week if so.

    • How stable is is release? I use my ipad for a lot of media consumption, but don’t want to risk my library with an unstable version of iTunes.

  • Often when a new iOS comes out there’s a “how to get the best parts of iOS[x] on your Android now” sort of article. Can we have one of those? Are there enough cool things on it to make it worthwhile?

  • Ok, so it seems that I have everything other than my music, which is not backed up to iCloud. My Dropbox camera upload is still in a bit of a tizz, but that’s the only hiccup so far. It’s just taken a very long time to download everything. I would still be grateful if someone could provide a link to the new version of iTunes, but I can live for a week without all my music in my pocket.

  • By installing the GM, will my iPhone 5 be then able to recieve over the air updates like normal from then onwards?

  • it would be even more impressive if through the process of the restore it could DL apps through all resources to speed up the downtime wasted in waiting for the phone to resync its information.
    eg internet + usb cable sync.
    this is a big change to your device and takes time, a whole lot of it.

  • Any idea how I can roll back to an earlier iOS after installing 7? Itunes won’t recognised the phone now.. 🙁

  • If you are running Windows and upgrade you are screwed. The upgrade requires iTunes 11.1 to do the restore. iTunes 11.1 has not been released for Windows yet.

    • Umm, nope.
      You can still upgrade using v11.0.5. After the upgrade finishes iTunes will winge about version issues, and won’t see the device anymore, but you’ve at least got iOS7 until the next iTunes is out of beta. Or, you know, install the beta version.

  • Did this with my Ipad mini, works fine, really easy process. However, not sure I am a fan to be honest. Not that I loved the old design, it needed a change, but its kind of ugly. It has actually put me off buying the new phone, i’ll stick with Android.

  • Is there another link for iPad mini? The one posted above seems to take forever to download (I was hovering at 3-4kbs)

  • Just realised that the iTunes beta is for mac only… after upgrading to iOS7. So glad that I backed up to both iTunes and iCloud before this.

  • Will this update then screw up when IOS 7 is officially released? Like when the actual version comes out, should I update to that so its the official one? I’m a little confused.
    Also, will Apple discover that its false and shut my phone off? I jailbroke my iPod once, and it completely shut down from it.

  • Dumb question. Everything works pretty well so far except… I don’t know how to install the beta version of itunes 11.1. I have downloaded the .dmg file, but I don’t know where to go from there… Help?

    • Use iTools for windows , you don’t need 11.1 to restore your backup’ it’s free download and easier to use than iTunes. The DMG file yo need to extract with an ISO program, power ISO has a free download , use the veal version but make sure you assign the .dmg file in the file association settings. Once you download the program select the dmg file and open with power ISO it will extract the ipsw file to do your restore with.

  • I have the iphone 4s and am in canada and just want to make sure it will be okay to upgrade to the ios7 or not because its the australian version? Thanks !!

  • Worth pointing out that, if you’ve an Australian iPad mini with cellular you want the file labelled CDMA, not GSM (bit of a misnomer – the “GSM” iPad is GSM only, the “CDMA” one is both, and is the one sold internationally). Learnt that one the hard way. Might also be the case for other iPads, though am not sure – check out your model no. on the back of your iPad and run it past ifixit.

  • Hey! The update was going great, and then I decided to load up an iCloud backup as part of the startup process. Unfortunately this went TERRIBLY! I work in a phone shop so usually I’m fine with this kind of stuff, but considering I can’t restore it to factory settings in iTunes (because 11.1 hasn’t been released) I’m really, really stuck! The iCloud backup is stuck on a page with the apple and a little bar that is about a 7th of the way loaded and not moving after hours. I’ve tried a hard reset, holding in the lock and home button — nothing works. I’m stressed, as use of my phone right now is pretty important! I know it was a risk, but I’m just wondering if you have any suggestions?

  • My iphone 5 is running on IOS 7 Beta.

    Will it be a problem installing IOS 7 official released version on 18th??

  • I seemed to have made a fatal flaw. I updated iTunes to the 11.1 Beta FIRST and now get the following message when I plug my iPhone 4S into my computer:

    “iTunes was unable to load data class information from Synch Services. Reconnect or try again later.”

    I lost all of my previous phone backups, and can no longer back up my phone on this computer. When I attempt to back it up, I get the message:

    “iTunes could not back up the iphone because the backup session failed.”

    I’ve tried a lot of fixes, including completely uninstalling iTunes (on my iMac running Snow Leopard), and downgrading back to the version that’s out now, but to no avail. However, I can backup my phone still on my PC, but, you know, I’d like to be able to backup using my primary computer. >_>

    So. I don’t know. I guess I just made the mistake of downloading iTunes 11.1 Beta first, rather than updating to iOS 7 first. Either way, I’m in a spot of bother.

    • G’day PurpleStain,

      I did upgrade to 11.1 first, and had no problems backing up my 4S, then upgrading to iOS 7.
      Did have some library errors after 11.1 install, but ‘repair permissions’ via Disk Utility fixed that …

      Try that and reboot, and good luck 🙂

      BTW: Getting used to iOS 7. like the effects, not wrapped in the ‘flatness’ …

      • I ran the Repair Permissions function and rebooted (once again re-installing iTunes 11.1 at the same time), but I’m still having this issue. 🙁

        I just flat out cannot sync or back up my phone.

  • lol. I wish it was explicitly said that the iTunes beta was mac only. Oops. At least I tested on my iPad first before trying on my iPhone. 😀 Guess I’m gonna have to wait a day!

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