Facebook Finally Lets You Edit Posts After Publishing

Facebook Finally Lets You Edit Posts After Publishing

One of the worst things about posting to Facebook is that all of your typos are set in stone once you hit publish. Your only option — before today — was to delete the post and repost it. Now, Facebook is rolling out the ability to edit your posts after you’ve hit the publish button.

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Most people agree the move is long overdue. You’ve been able to edit comments for over a year now, but the option to edit posts has been restricted to certain pages.

Facebook says it is rolling out the option to edit all posts now, starting with web users and Android users (an updated version of the app is rolling out now on Google Play). iOS users will get the option “soon”.

Facebook Lets You Edit Posts After Sharing On Android And Web Now, iOS Soon [TechCrunch]


  • Been able to edit comments from a non-mobile device for a long time? Not exactly very up-to-date here Lifehacker. But yes the IOS option is “still” in waiting.

  • I have a bad habit of just typing shit and not proof reading it. I then post it and see a mistake. Often there’s no option to edit.

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