You Can Now Edit Your Facebook Comments

If you've ever made a horrible comment on Facebook or dropped an embarrassing typo on a friend's status update, then you'll be happy to hear that you can now fully edit comments on Facebook posts.

Starting yesterday, Facebook started giving users the ability to edit comments, however for some reason you still can't edit your own status updates. To edit a comment, click the small pen symbol next to your comment, click "Edit" and change the text to your liking. Before you go rewriting your entire history you should know that when you edit a comment it will have an "Edited" link below it so people can look back on anything you change.

According to Mashable, a Facebook representative says the edit ability is live for a number of users now and will be rolling out to everyone over the next few days.

Don't Delete Your Stupidity. Fix it. Facebook Rolls Out Comment Editing and Edit History [TechCrunch]


    Umm.. you've been able to do this for ages? Just type a comment, and the if you see a typo you can press the x shortly after to edit it

    haha, but you can see when people edit says 'edited' and you can view history of it.

    Yeah, Fb are making it more public. Plus, before there was a time limit, now there's none.

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