Do You Use Your Tablet For Work?

Do You Use Your Tablet For Work?

Over the last few years, tablets have found their way into our living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, classrooms and even cars. More and more, they are also making their way into our workplaces. How about yours?

Tablets have been around in one form or another for many years, but it’s only in the ‘iPad era’that they have really made an impact in the computing world. We’ve looked at how you can car’s dashboard. But now, we’re curious about its use in the office:

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  • We need to test on many various devices, and it would be too much for work to provide them all, so we use our own.

  • We were all given tablets early last year (Samsung Galaxy 10.1 I think?) and they’re set up for us to remote into our desktops, as well as check email through the email app, and so on. I pretty much use mine to play Candy Crush and use Skype (I have a Chromebook and Skype is the one thing missing)… there’s nothing that my job entails that I can do on a tablet that I can’t do on my laptop, and I don’t take my tablet anywhere that I don’t take my phone… so it’s this weird in between device.

  • I take my Nexus 7 everywhere with me and use it for many different purposes, including at work. I use it for note-taking, email, remote logon to XenApp, amongst other things.

  • What do you mean by tablet for the purposes of this article? All slate form factor devices, or just ones that require downloaded apps?

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