Do You Use A Smartwatch?

Do You Use A Smartwatch?

They’re kind of bulky, and you can certainly argue that nobody has really nailed the design yet, but smartwatches still hold a certain appeal for many people. At the very least, smartwatches hold the promise of fun, new gadgetry, and they might even add a little convenience to your life.

Do you use one? If not, why not? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


  • Because I don’t need my watch needing to be charged every night like my phone or be fragile like my phone.

    • So much misinformation and ignorance here in the cheap seats.

      My Pebble lasts a week on two charges and is built like a tank. I use it to see incoming email prompts and messages, so I can then decide whether to respond or not. I also use it to control my music playback without needing to take my phone out of my pocket.

      • Totally agree, my Pebble lasts up to a week one a single charge, and I use it to check messages at work as my boss often messages me and it is usually just a short note for me to do something,

        I don’t see the point in something like the Galaxy Gear watch, too much going on, and having a camera on it is just creepy.

        I use my Pebble to control music while I am driving, a single button push to skip to the next song, no need to touch my phone and get into trouble by the popo

  • My pebble is a life saver. I get all the messages I need when teaching. My students don’t know I’m checking the odd email. The main purpose is to be notified that the end of period is near and not have my iPhone heard or seen by students. I’ll be changing to an android phone so I can use tasker to create better profiles than my jailbroken iPhone.

  • Havn’t worn a watch in years, don’t plan on starting now. Unless someone comes up with a truly amazing design, I’m not going to bother.

  • I have a Metawatch, the first one, and it’s annoying to have to charge it as the pins are a bit dodgy and sometimes I’ll think it’s charging when it’s just sitting there chewing up battery. But I like being able to just look at my wrist to see the weather and if there’s any unread emails/texts. It’s also good in meetings or when you want people to think they have your attention. I’ve also really enjoyed using the music controls, I can see what’s playing and not have to touch my phone all of the time.

  • They aren’t quite there yet. The technology is improving, but the killer app doesn’t exist right now.

  • Love my Pebble and have hardly taken it off since I got it.
    I get a week+ at a charge and being able to see texts and emails at a glance during the day WITHOUT needing to take the phone out is awesome. Was at the bank recently activating an account and the lady I was speaking to said you should receive a text with your activation code shortly – and I glanced at my watch and said yep – it’s here and proceeded to type it in without even needing to consult my phone – the lady was gobsmacked at how easy it was.

    Only thing missing with the Pebble is a sleep/no notification period – I but then I tend to to take it off when I sleep anyway.

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