Turn A Plastic Milk Bottle Into A Watering Can

This video from HouseholdHacker offers 10 food-related tips and tricks. Among them: Repurpose a milk bottle into a watering can.

Wash the bottle, poke holes in the lid, and you have a watering can to sprinkle both indoor and outdoor plants. You could also use a laundry detergent bottle for the same purpose, but this might be less risky (traces of milk won't harm the plants, detergent might).

We've mentioned a few of the other tips in the video above, including the duct tape jar opener, banana peel shoe shine, eggs-in-onion-rings treat and baked eggs, but it doesn't hurt to have a life hack refresher.

10 Incredible Food Life Hacks You Need to Know [YouTube]


    Technically nearly anything can be a watering can if you put holes in the right place... And also anyone serious about growing something in their garden should already have a watering can anyway... :\

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