How To Count Files In A Google Drive Folder

One nuisance with Google Drive is that there's no easy way to count the number of files in a given folder. Here are some ways to do that.

Google Operating System highlights three ways to count files in a folder within the browser:

  • Right-click on a folder and select 'Download'. You'll often (but not always) see a count of the included files.
  • Open a folder, scroll to the end of the list, type A to select all, choose 'More' and select 'Move to'. That will give you a total number of files, after which you can cancel the move.
  • Control-click a folder to open in a new tab. The new tab will show the number of files, but only if there are less than 500.

It's hard to recommend a single browser method, since none works reliably all the time. Installing the Google Drive app solves that problem, that isn't always an option on locked-down corporate systems. While Google enthusiasts would undoubtedly argue that file counts and folders aren't part of the Google approach, it's still a handy way of keeping track of some kinds of work.

Find the Number of Files From a Google Drive Folder [Google Operating System]


    I feel the easiest way to count is to type in the key word(s). Then highlight all of your files and you'll see a count of selected items.

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