Flip Pill Bottles Upside Down To Avoid Missing Or Doubling Doses

Flip Pill Bottles Upside Down to Avoid Missing or Doubling Doses

It's easy to forget if you took a pill or multivitamin, particularly if you do it in the morning before your brain completely wakes up. Luckily, there's an easy habit you can use to make sure you never miss a dose, or double up.

Once you take your pill, flip the bottle upside down. That way, you'll always know which pills you've taken, and which you haven't. Before you go to bed in the evening, flip the bottles right side up again to reset the system.

Obviously, this isn't foolproof, since you still have to remember to flip the bottles twice a day. But if you can get into the habit and stick to it, you'll spare yourself a lot of hand-wringing.

LPT Flip the pill bottle after taking pills [Reddit]


    What about pills you have to take twice or more per day?

    I mainly have trouble with things I have to take multiple times a day. Everything else I've changed to only take at night all at once and that works fine as a system.

    I can only really see this as useful if you have a number of different medications that must be taken once per day, but at different times of the day. Otherwise, there's no benefit here. If you forget to take a pill, you'll forget to flip. If you remember to flip, it would have been just as easy to remember the pill.

    Not to mention this isn't really going to work when you take pills from a box...

    A pill box can be far easier. You load each days pills for the coming week into it and any uncertainty at the time is removed.

    They are very cheap from the chemists.

    Instead of a single point of failure (your memory), you double that to two points; remembering to flip then unflip the bottle. Alternatively you could use a pill box with the days written on it, or even a calendar in the bathroom to tick the days off.

    *slow clap*

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