Walk Up! Makes Annoying Sounds Until You Wake Up And Walk Around

iOS: Waking up in the morning is difficult. Waking up when a man is yelling at you until you walk around is easy, or at least effective. Walk Up! is among the more cruel alarm apps that does just that.

Walk Up! offers your choice of alarm sounds: either a screaming man or a screaming woman. For a small extra fee, you can get different sounds, although none are less obnoxious (including a fire alarm, gunshots and someone banging on the door). Once the alarm goes off, you have to walk a set number of paces before the sounds will stop. As an added twist of the metaphorical knife, once an alarm is set, you can't change it without setting the alarm off.

If you're on Android and looking for a similar app, previously featured Walk Me Up will do the job, minus the horrible sounds.

Walk Up! Alarm Clock ($0.99) [iTunes App Store]


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