Walk Me Up Alarm Clock Forces You Out Of Bed

Android: If you have a tendency to sleep through alarms, Walk Me Up can help you by forcing you to get out of bed and move around. The app uses your phone's accelerometer to count the number of steps you take after the alarm goes off.

If you try to accelerate the process by shaking your phone, the counter resets. You can also set the alarm to vibrate, although the app will warn you that this could interfere with the step count, depending on your phone.

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock (free) [Google Play]


    Or you could put the alarm on the other side of the room...

      I've been known to (while half asleep) get up and turn alarms off then go right back to bed with no memory of doing such events.

    REVIEW: "Walk Me Up" Alarm Clock was NOT successful in forcing me out of bed! #FAIL via @nixkc

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