AusBBS Lets You Use Facebook To Sign Up

AusBBS Lets You Use Facebook To Sign Up

AusBBS most recently attracted our attention by offering what is still Australia’s only unlimited NBN plan. Its latest innovation? Letting you sign up using your Facebook account, rather than having to set up your own separate account.

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“We see Facebook Login integration as a first step to delivering all the benefits of universal login and opening our processes to the to massive social media networks that have led other categories to embrace openID and Login with Facebook,” AusBBS CEO Rob Appel said in a statement announcing the new option.

I’m rather in two minds about this. Yes, it’s good not to have to remember an additional username and password, but Facebook’s own approach to security is so unpredictable and badly-managed that it would, under most circumstances, be the very last place I would choose to centralise anything else. (In consequence, my own Facebook account also doesn’t store most of the details I’d need to sign up with a physical service anyway.) What do you think?


  • Really want to sign up with AusBBS. But not available in my fibre ready Brownfield site.

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