Are We Getting Paperless? Not Anytime Soon.

Are We Getting Paperless? Not Anytime Soon.

Research from IDC suggests that we are slowly, but surely, reducing the amount of paper we are consuming. However, it depends on where you are in the world.

Overall, the news is good with total paper use declining from 3.03 trillion in 2011to 2.98 trillion in 2012. But when it’s broken down by regions we see developed countries are driving the decline as managed print services and tablets become increasingly popular.

In developing regions such as Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) and Latin America the story is different. The Asia Pacific region saw growth in excess of 10% and Latin America growing by 6.7%.

Worldwide Page Volume Continued Slow Decline in 2012 as Gains in Developing Regions Failed to Offset Slowdown in Developed Regions [IDC]

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