Sydney Region First For Amazon's EC2 Upgrade

Typically, Australians are one of the last cabs off the rank when a big tech company releases something new. However, Amazon’s Asia Pacific (Sydney) and South America (São Paulo) regions will be the first to get access to EC2 running the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) platform.

Photo: David McNew/Getty Images

According to Amazon the whole process of getting EC2 to run on VPC will be fully automated and created at no extra charge. Each EC2 instance will be assigned a public IP address.

The new VPC features are available to new AWS customers and existing customers launching instances in a region for the first time. If you’ve previously launched an EC2 instance a default VPC won’t be created unless you either create a new AWS account or you pick a region that you haven't used that has the new feature implemented.

Amazon EC2 Update - Virtual Private Clouds for Everyone! [Amazon Web Services Blog]


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