Wine Line: An App To Simplify Drinking

How many "standard" drinks are there in a glass of wine? The chances are pretty good that you don't actually know, and that's dangerous territory to be in, whether you're planning to drive or not. A new Aussie augmented app claims to take the guesswork out of sipping vintages.

Wine Line comes via Jacob's Creek, and it's a free iOS app with a fairly heavy and obvious tilt towards Jacob's Creek's own wine varieties. It requires your date of birth (because of the obvious alcohol link) and then uses the camera to take a photo of your drink. You trace out the shape of the liquid within, and then either pick the Jacob's Creek variety or alcohol percentage of the drink, and it'll tell you how many standard drinks you're about to quaff.

It's obviously not a perfect solution; the more drunk you are the less likely you are to trace accurately, and it's not in any way going to provide a legal defence basis if you do get arrested, but as a way to at least keep you aware of how much you're drinking it's perhaps worthwhile.

Source: iTunes


    hmm. Only problem I have with this, is how does it get a frame of reference.

    How would it know the difference between a standard wine glass and a brandy balloon. Similar'ish shape. Would the app know the difference.

    I might have to try and do this experiment. In the name of science. Will need an iphone. (Being an iTune addition, and this household only has Android phones. They were cheaper.)

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