Waterproof Canvas Shoes With Beeswax

With winter arriving, it's time to get your cold-weather gear ready to go. If you're not ready to break out the leather snow boots, Redditor Jesuismimi suggests that you can waterproof your canvas shoes with beeswax.

All you need to do is cover your canvas shoes with beeswax, and then use a blow dryer to work it into the shoes. When you're done, your shoes will be largely waterproof. They won't be as comfortable and you might not want to wear them come summer, but it's a way of eking some more life out of an existing pair.

How to waterproof your shoes [Reddit]


    And... how do you then get that crap off your shoes?

      Well, you start by rubbing a bee against it, in small clockwise circles...

      I usually buy these type of shoes for $20, when you're done you get a new pair.

      exactly that looks terrible! I have some expensive suede if I did this to. my girlfriend would have my head taken clean off!. you do know there is clear waterproofing spray's available!. and if you go to places like Laced/ Hype etc they will spray them for free if you treat them with respect!. be a douche and try to bargain with them over limited edition shoes. you will be lucky to walk out of there with your soul!

      It turns practically invisible when you heat it with a blow-dryer.

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