Use Beeswax To Condition Cutting Boards And Furniture

Use Beeswax To Condition Cutting Boards And Furniture

If you have a cutting board that’s showing its age or wooden furniture that could use a little wax, beeswax is a cheap and surprisingly easy to obtain solution to conditioning or restoring cracked or ageing wood cutting boards, chair legs or butcher blocks.Photo by Thien Gretchen.

Over at Re-Nest, they highlight a number of great household uses for beeswax, including things like fixing stuck or squeaky dresser drawers or whipping frayed rope, but applying a little to your cutting board can help fill in cracks and recondition the wood. Applying a little to dried-out wooden furniture may be a great way to breathe some new life into an old chair or bookshelf. You could even use it to recondition wooden floors.

It’s a soft, natural wax, so anywhere wax would work as a moistener or polish, beeswax is a good fix. Best of all, beeswax is relatively cheap and easy to obtain.

Have you used beeswax around the house in the past? What was your experience with it? Let us know in the comments.

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