How To Waterproof Matches

If you don't have any commercial waterproof matches on hand for your outdoor adventures, you can make your using shellac or clear nail polish. You'll just want a way to dip the top half of the match, including the head, and let it dry evenly.

Brian's Backpacking Blog suggests attaching a strip of double-sided tape to a cardboard box. Once you've dipped a match in, you can attach it to the tape, which will allow the match to drip dry. If you have a strip of corrugated cardboard, you can also insert matches between the strips of corrugation to speed up the process.

Another traditional way to waterproof matches is by dipping the heads in melted paraffin or beeswax, but the author at the source link below indicates that this method does not work as well as using shellac.

Camping Classic - Waterproofing Matches [Brian's Backpacking Blog]


    How to waterproof matches: DON'T! Take a Bic lighter, and if you're paranoid about water, put it in a sealed sandwich bag. Matches are very much inferior in every way.

    If you must waterproof matches (why?) don't forget to waterproof the striking strip too. Or get it wet at any time during or after you use a single match.

    I've tried to make my own waterproof matches by using melted candle wax (following the instructions from a blog). Unfortunately all it did was remove the igniting powder from the match head!

    I reckon for the cost of waterproof matches, or Tunblor's lighters and waterproof bag, there's little point of making them yourself.

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