Make More Money From Your Garage Sales With A Price-Drop Day

Make More Money From Your Garage Sales With A Price-Drop Day

Plan on selling some of your stuff by holding a garage sale? Boost your earnings by turning people into regulars and dropping prices on the last day.

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On The Simple Dollar blog, Trent shares a few success strategies used by a couple who host regular garage sales. Among them is a way to get people to come back and pick up something else:

They’d stick up a sign that said, “ON SUNDAY ALL PRICES GO DOWN BY 50%!” They’d also mention it to anyone and everyone that came by. They told me that once they started doing this, they would have people return to them all the time. People would come back and see if some item they wanted was still there (and, at least some of the time, it still was).

How did this help? Whenever someone came back to the yard sale, they virtually always bought something. Apparently, no one likes to go to the same yard sale twice without buying something. They would often make as much money on Sunday as on Saturday when they started doing this, whereas before they might only make 25% as much on Sunday as compared to Saturday.

This could work even if you only hold one garage sale this year, and it would pay off even more if you hold multiple sales. (This couple made profits in the four figures last year by continually refreshing their garage sale items and cultivating regulars.) For more tricks on selling your unwanted stuff, see our guide to throwing a killer garage sale.

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