Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted the iOS 7 look right now, advice on structuring mornings and the working week and arguments about cheeseburgers and parking. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. How To Make Your iPhone Look Like iOS 7 Right Now
    iOS 7 comes with a sleek new look, but you need to be a developer to actually check it out right now. Fortunately, you can get the look and feel of iOS 7 really easily with a few jailbreak tweaks and themes.
  2. Is This The Creepiest IT Job Listing Ever?
    An unnamed man in Denver posted a job listing on Craigslist this week for an urgent IT position. The ad starts with the headline "IT Girl Needed ASAP" and goes on to showcase the prospective employer's shirtless body. And that's not even the worst part…
  3. This Is Why America Is The Fattest Nation On Earth…
    According to BMC Public Health data, an average adult in the USA weighs over 80 kilograms. We think this "small" McDonald's cheeseburger meal might have something to do with it…
  4. Xbox One's DRM Backflip Is A Bad Business Decision: Here's Why
    Earlier this morning, Microsoft announced a raft of changes to its upcoming Xbox One platform in response to palpable gamer outrage. Barely a week after its controversial E3 press conference, the company has back-flipped on DRM and used game restrictions — the console will no longer require you to connect to the internet every 24 hours and disc-based games can be sold and swapped at leisure. While this is a partial win for consumers, from a business perspective it can only be viewed as another blunder.
  5. Why We Should Rethink The Eight-Hour Workday
    Ask anyone how long a typical workday is, and they'll probably say eight hours. How did that become the standard? Is eight hours beneficial for productivity, or should we rethink that number? The team at social sharing app Buffer investigated.
  6. Why You're Not A Morning Person (And How To Become One)
    Most people struggle to even reach for a cup of coffee at 6am. Mornings may be rough, but hold off on sleeping in. There are perks to waking up with the sun, and we've got some tips on making it easier.
  7. Bring Your Car Into The 21st Century With These DIY Upgrades
    Whether you bought a new car yesterday or you're riding along in a decades-old banger, your vehicle of choice may not have all the modern capabilities you desire. A few simple upgrades can fix that, providing you with everything from a killer Bluetooth audio system to a smoother, more enjoyable ride.
  8. Feedly's Migration To Its New RSS Server Has Begun, Is Messy
    Good news: RSS-tracking service Feedly has begun migrating users onto its own servers — a necessary move since we're less from a fortnight away from Google Reader switching off entirely. Bad news: when you migrate, you'll find your unread articles count reset, and the service may misplace your saved articles as well.
  9. Ask LH: Can The Police Book People From My Driveway?
    Dear Lifehacker, Are police legally allowed to park in a private driveway with a radar gun in order to catch speeding motorists? I live near a speeding hotspot and while I have no issue with the police catching hoons near my house, they regularly park in the entrance of the mews to the group of apartments where I live, and I can't drive into the complex until they move!
  10. How To Fit 1000 Terabytes On A DVD
    We live in a world where digital information is exploding. Some 90 per cent of the world's data was generated in the past two years. The obvious question is: how can we store it all?


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