IT Pro Skills Shortage: It All Depends Which Skills You Mean

Claims of a shortage of trained IT workers are common both here and in the US. A new analysis of graduate recruitment trends suggests that it's not a flat-out shortage of people training for IT roles, but a shortage of people with in-demand skills — something that merely pushing university students into IT courses won't really help solve.

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Business Insider reports that an analysis of graduate employment rates in the US by the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce suggests that 14.7 per cent of new graduates in information systems are unemployed — a figure higher than for some less career-centric disciplines such as English (9.8 per cent). The push to hire overseas workers in growth markets such as Silicon Valley suggests that it's not simply a question of an overall skills shortage, but of missing skills in specific areas.

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A Brand New Report Shows Just How Wrong Silicon Valley Is About A Tech Worker Shortage [Business Insider]


    The IT job market in Adelaide is bad, underpaying for high experience and skill. I had to move to Canberra just to get started in IT

    What are the in demand skills?

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