Video: Branson On Business

Ever wondered how Sir Richard Branson became so ridiculously successful? Last week, we attended Talent International’s “Talent Unleashed” event in Sydney which was headlined by the Virgin billionaire. Guests were given an insight into Branson’s business methods with a focus on how to successfully create working environments through sheer bloody-mindedness and self-belief. He also discusses Virgin Galactic, the importance of following your gut instinct and the havoc wrought by Apple on his former music business.

Talent Unleashed was co-hosted by Talent International managing director Richard Earl. The Q&A session with Branson covered everything from Virgin Galactic to the devastating effect of the iPod on Virgin Records. Despite a few failures, Branson maintains that a “screw it, let’s do it” attitude remains a chief signature of his managing style:

We launched a lot of [successful] businesses against the advice of so-called experts… A lot of individuals spend too much time flapping about not making decisions. It is a lot more fun to say yes than say no – we achieve a lot more by taking that attitude.

You can check out the highlights from the Q&A session below: