Reminder: Cloud App Development Requires A Different Approach

Much modern software development requires interfacing with cloud technologies. The basic tools you use may be the same, but that doesn’t mean you can just transfer the same approaches.

Cloud picture from Shutterstock

“One of the things people mess up is they don’t spend enough time to think about a new approach to cloud development,” platform EVP Mike Rosenbaum told Lifehacker. “Don’t presume it’s the exact same thing. Take the time to think and learn what the patterns are.”

“The other trap is to think you’re simply taking an application and moving it to the cloud. What you need is a value proposition on how to use mobile and social to provide a differentiator for your application.”

Rosenbaum is in Australia for’s customer convention at CEBIT, so unsurprisingly he’s keen to talk up the potential to make money from business-centric apps.

“There’s a huge opportunity in the enterprise. A lot of people have been focused on consumer-facing apps, but that’s left a big option for mobile, social and cloud enterprise developers.