Clean Up Something During Every Ad Break

Clean Up Something During Every Ad Break

Sitting through ads can be obnoxious. BuzzFeed suggests making better use of that time by always cleaning one thing during commercial breaks.

Photo by miggslives.

If you get in the habit of always working on dishes, running the vacuum a bit, or dusting something, you could tidy your house before the credits roll.

28 Helpful Cleaning Tips For Incredibly Lazy People [BuzzFeed]


  • Well thats it for me. I only watch shows via Plex. I havent seen a commercial in years.


  • Oh please, when I watch something that has ads I skip past them. How anal would you have to be to dick around trying to get something simple done within the time limit of an ad break. Sorry but this is just …. silly!

  • That explains why my house is such a mess… I’m only cleaning up during the non-existent ad breaks 😛

  • Use the breaks to do three minutes of exercise. Push ups, sit ups, squats,… Its amazing how much you can get done.

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