Keep Cleaning Supplies In Every Room Of Your House To Get Motivated To Clean

Keep Cleaning Supplies In Every Room Of Your House To Get Motivated To Clean

Photo by Lenore Edman.
The more frequently you clean, the nicer your house will look. If you can grab a towel and dust while you walk by a shelf, you’ll be more likely to clean as you go than if you have to go digging in the closet downstairs.

As BuzzFeed community user MrsH810 suggests, having some supplies in the room can give you the trigger you need to start cleaning. You might already have some sprays and wipes in your bathroom or kitchen, but you’re more likely to dust if there’s a towel somewhere in your living room. Of course you don’t have to keep everything in every room, but one or two supplies for everyday cleaning can help.

I keep cleaning supplies in basically every area of my house. I find that if I have wipes nearby and I notice something needs to be cleaned, I’m way more likely to do if I can just reach down and grab what I need, rather than having to walk to the other end of the house.

You probably notice that you need to clean more often than you actually clean. This strategy helps remove the temptation to get distracted. If you see something that needs cleaning, but it will take time to get the supplies you need, you can promise to “do it later” and forget. But if what you need is right there in the room with you, then you can knock it out in a few seconds.

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