Collect And Sort Everyone's Upstairs Junk In 'Crap Baskets'

Collect and Sort Everyone's Upstairs Junk in

Nobody wants to walk up and down a flight of stairs each time something needs to be put away. Craft blog Sew Many Ways suggests giving every member of your family a "crap basket" to put their stuff in.

The idea is so simple it seems obvious once you think about it. Each person is responsible for their own basket, and they just carry it upstairs whenever they are ready. It also helps teach everyone to get in the habit of keeping things clutter-free by taking something with them when they leave a room.

Tool Time Tuesday...PVC Dog Gate and Stair Baskets Too [Sew Many Ways via BuzzFeed]


    So you have sh!tty baskets sitting around. What a terrible idea.

    Or just put it away.

    and if its crap put it in the bin

    and when the kids don't pick up/empty their baskets am I allowed to then tip the contents over their bedroom floors?

    The idea is so simple it seems obvious once you think about it
    So is walking upstairs and putting the damn thing away.
    The children don't need another permissive excuse to not put stuff away.

    It might be a great idea in some households, but I'd rather have the kids use their self discipline to put the stuff away, then have overflowing baskets of junk presenting a hazard on the stairs.

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