Ask LH: Where Can I Find A Monitor/Laptop Arm Combo?

Ask LH: Where Can I Find A Monitor/Laptop Arm Combo?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m trying to tidy up my home office by making the space more ergonomic, and I would really like an adjustable VESA mount for my monitor and laptop. Finding a VESA monitor arm on its own isn’t hard, but as soon as you start looking for one with laptop arm also the price goes through the roof. Would you have any recommendations on where to go to keep this solution affordable? I’d prefer to keep this under $200 total. Thanks, Unmounted

Dear Unmounted,

The HP Display and Notebook Stand (AW662AA) is one solution that should suit your purposes. It’s adjustable and boasts two mounts for a notebook and an external display up to the size of 24 inches. It also comes with cable management channels on the back of the stand to help reduce clutter on your desk. HP currently sells the device for $299 — but you can get them off eBay new for as little as $50.

If you’d prefer to buy local, the Australian owned company Cabling offers a similar combo pole arm for $160 — it features an extendable arm that allows for independent height adjustment of both the laptop and LCD stands and a maximum LCD load capacity of 15 kg (8kg for the laptop stand). The laptop and LCD stands can also be installed on either side.

If any readers have a product suggestion of their own — or an ingenious DIY approach — let Unmounted know in the comments section below.


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  • I’ve been looking for an affordable dual monitor arm for a while still haven’t found one i can raise to a height for standing desk though (without spending $600+).

    FYI That combo pole arm you linked to at Cabling:
    Subtotal $160.00
    Shipping & Handling (Select Shipping Method – Courier Delivery (F.FASTWAY)) $19.00
    Tax $17.90
    Grand Total $196.90

    presuming its legal to tax the shipping and handling, i thought that was separate, and no including the tax till checkout scores some major negative votes from me (to which i bet they will most likely claim the standard BS response most of their clients are businesses which can claim the GST back).

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