10 Ways To Save Money You Should Not Use

10 Ways To Save Money You Should Not Use

Drying out paper towels and reusing them? Flushing your toilet once a week? Asking to sample all the flavours at an ice cream store? We’re fond of frugality at Lifehacker, but there are limits.

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All those ideas (and a bunch of equally ridiculous alternatives) have been suggested on US TV show Extreme Cheapskates. Our sibling publication Business Insider has rounded up 10 of the most questionable. I am not about to save $6 a month by giving up toilet paper. Hit the link for the full ridiculous list.

10 Shockingly Stupid Ways [Business Insider]


  • Mr Kidman, no offence and this has nothing to do with being a Cheapskate but I hope you are aware and sensitive of cultures around the world regarding not using toilet paper at all and using water instead. Just to throw some light here:

    Incertain tropical countries It is a must to wash with the water after passing the stool. They then wash their hands with a toilet soap.This is what is being mostly done in all the Asian and African countries. This is happening in some European countries too.

    It is okay for the others to use the toilet paper. Now what happens is that some residue is always left behind after using the toilet paper. This residue results in asshole infections. This does not happen in the case of using water. Then the “***” smells very bad to avoid this they have to use the deodarant or perfumes.

    Every human was using water prior to coming paper . Washing***** with water is more hygenic than washing ***** with paper. Later they wash their hands with soap.
    Its immature to Make fun without being sensitised to the world around you. A well travelled man would not talk of saving 6$ for toilet rolls as a general comment in a public forum.

    Some people in Asian and most European countries use toilet paper. It is not treated as sin.

    Those who like using water feel the same way about those using paper to clean.

    By the way, how were they cleaning before toilet paper was invented?

    It does come down to choice and not race or culture. Some do and some dont just like there is preferance of doing things in each culture. Its a matter of choice just as you have in this post to voice an immature comment .You have a right to be immature just as anyone else in this world have a right to their choices.

    • I don’t think Angus was making fun of people who do not use toilet paper as it is the norm in the part of the world where they live, he was making fun of people in our society who would give up toilet paper for the monetary savings, which would likely be trivial at best

      • Agreed.. When taken in context with the picture (clearly showing that she HAS toilet paper, and chooses not to use it to save money) there’s no inference that using TP is the “right” thing to do..

        Incidentally, I recall watching the episode of Extreme Cheapskates that featured the woman in the picture. I’m all for saving money, and if that makes you happy, go for it – but it was so depressing that I didn’t watch anymore episodes after that.

    • It seems to me that the writer of the Bus.Ins thinks that everyone is well off, living in a heavy urbanised area, with adequate waste disposal systems and no unique cultural differences etc.
      Some people that choose to live “off the grid” for instance might do at least half of these things.
      Poorer people/areas might do these things out of necessity.

      1) If they’re not soiled, why not?
      2) See Bedazzled’s comments above.
      3) Again, why not?
      4) Not really sure about this one, but if it works, is cheaper, and doesn’t cause other issues, why not?
      5) I wouldn’t do this due to health concerns, but if you’re that hungry, or that short of money….
      6) I know people that have cooked roadkill.
      7) I wouldn’t over-do it on the samples, but samples are samples.
      8) Is it legal, safe, and unlikely to cause you health problems?
      9) If you really can’t afford to leave them plugged in, or your wiring is so bad that it’s a fire risk, then go for it.
      10) Not for me, but if it’s what he wants.

    • Now what happens is that some residue is always left behind after using the toilet paper. This residue results in asshole infections Errr sorry dude but I’ve been using toilet paper all my life and don’t remember getting an infection from toilet paper. It is sanitary you know. As far as washing your backside using your hand and water, I’m assuming flush water or a jug of water? However, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the washing with the left hand thing a Muslim ritual? So if I don’t do it your way what does that mean? I’m insulting you or just disgusting to you? Seriously, I don’t understannd what you are trying to achieve with your comment?

      • Washing with the left hand isn’t a Muslim ritual, it’s how it’s done in most Asian countries. It’s basically the reason why it’s considered rude to hand things to people with your left hand in those parts of the world.

  • Interesting article and extremely disturbing. I wonder how much money they actually save considering some of those things would probably lead to further health problems. Seems kinda stupid.

    The article linked could afford to be edited, there were at least a handful of missing words or typos…

  • Went to India a few months ago – Some rural areas don’t have and have not heard of Toilet Paper. And in metropolitan areas, it is still difficult to find any. Had to go to a pharmacy to get one.
    As people have mentioned above, this article makes sense in Western Urban areas. But the world does not revolve around us.

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