Use A Chore Wheel To Divvy Up Household Tasks

If you're seeking out a good-looking, easy way to dole out chores, follow David Rios' example and create a chore wheel.

David created a chore wheel with the names of all of his housemates on one layer, daily chores on another, and weekly chores on a third. Each wheel can be spun independently to rotate task assignments. You don't have to get as fancy as David did for this class assignment, of course. You can create a simple wheel with cardboard and a paper fastener. It's just a little simpler than having a chart you rewrite every week.

First Laser Project: Chore Wheel [via Make]


    All I could see was the name "Walter" on the thumbnail, and came here hoping the chores assigned to him would be "Cook meth" and "Stop Jesse using up all the meth".

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