How Do You Split Chores With Your Roommates?

How Do You Split Chores with Your Roommates?

Finding a way to split up the chores that works for you and your roommates is key to having a clean home without resentment or arguments. What do you do to divide up chores? Image from igboo.

There are a variety of ways to do this, but for me, having a chore wheel or a simple chart has always worked best. Of course, you should adapt your system to your situation. Maybe your roommates would be better served with an app, or you're a DIY master and willing to build something more complicated. Whatever your preferred method is, sound off in the discussions below.


    I once lived in a sharehouse where the rule was that everyone cleans up their own shit, and then once a week we split the bill for a cleaner to clean common areas. That was the best sharehouse I ever had.

    I once lived in a sharehouse where one person made all the mess and three of us took it in turns to clean the whole house.
    In the same sharehouse two of us would take turns to clean the leaves and greenery around the outside of the house, and when it was the third person's turn she'd pay a guy to come and do it and then split the between all three of us.
    That was the worst sharehouse I ever had.

    Two of us share the cleaning. The third doesn't know whether the vacuum's kept.

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