Make Your Over-The-Ear Headphones More Comfortable With Foam Tubing

If you wear headphones for an extended amount of time, chances are you'll start to feel some discomfort around your ears. This quick hack from the folks at WonderHowTo is a great way to make your headphones more comfortable for extended wear.

All you need to do is cut a length of backer rod — the thin foam tubing used before caulking — and use it to line the inside of your headphones as padding. Audiophiles should note that even a small, unobtrusive change like this can alter how your headphones sound, so your mileage may vary. However, if you've got a pair of cheaper headphones you just want to make more comfortable, this is probably worth a shot.

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How to Make Your Headphones More Comfortable with Caulk Backer Rods [WonderHowTo]


    For those audiophiles who are unsure what that change will be, it will be a slight high end roll off. So if you have something that's a little treble heavy then this will improve them but if you have something that's very bass heavy then it's probably going to make them a little muddier sounding.

    Or, you could get headphones that actually do go over the ears, instead of pressing on them.

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