Use Flight Mode When Presenting From A Tablet

Being able to deliver a presentation direct from your tablet is handy: no messing around with loading files from USB or grappling with laptop changeovers. Just remember: put your device in flight mode first so you don't get bombarded with notifications.

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I've attended to at least two events in the past month where the tablet-wielding presenter has been interrupted by a notification from Twitter. In one case, it actually showed up on screen; in another, the speaker was sufficiently distracted to lose his train of thought.

Your presentation viewer may offer the facility to switch off notifications, but not all do. Going into flight mode ensures no external messages will pop up at an unexpected time. Have another tactic you favour to avoid tablet presentation dramas? Share it in the comments.


    I was in the middle of doing a presentation a while ago, when I got an email pop-up telling me a girl I was seeing about 6 months ago was having a baby in about 12 weeks...

    I nearly died.

    Turns out it wasn't mine.

    hmm if you turn on flight mode, wont it also disconnet your dropbox connection, of which contains your presentation??? ;-)

      I think DB caches the files locally too for offline access

      Don't run your presentation off the network/cloud. You'll look like an even bigger fool if your Wi-Fi drops out and you lose access to your presentation file(s).

    Notifications would indeed be pain during a presentation.

    The presentation would obviously still work if you had a wired connection from your tablet to the data projector.

    Using flight mode would equally obviously disrupt a wireless connection. For example, if you were running an interactive workshop, and needed to roam around the room.

      You can enter flight mode and then reactivate wireless alone.

        That would enable notifications again (except for phone calls and SMS). That would defeat the whole point of this article.

    I wold also mute the device, and disable the accelerometer.

    If your using an iPad Do Not Disturb can help also.
    Or just turn off notifications

    I use this idea to prevent notifications on my phone when I simply don't want to be disturbed (but listen to music.) The only thing to note is that on Android calendar notifications still come through as they're stored on the device.

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