Strikingly Creates Simple And Beautiful Websites In Minutes

If you need to make a simple website, Strikingly makes that process very simple. After choosing the site you want, you add a few images and some text, and you'll have a page up in minutes.

While you can create simple sites with just a little basic information, I thought I'd throw Strikingly something a little more difficult and try putting up an entire portfolio. While it couldn't really handle music, I had no trouble adding photos, drawings and videos.

Strikingly allows uploads from several locations, whether they're on your computer or elsewhere on the internet. Adding videos often means just pasting a URL, and you can just drag photos onto a drop zone to use them with your page.

In the end, I was able to make this simple portfolio page. While Strikingly comes with some limitations, you can still do a lot. The sites it creates aren't just temporary landing pages but you can actually use them for showcasing your portfolio or an event. If you need to get a simple site online, give Strikingly a try. It's free and you can set up multiple pages if you need more than one.



    There are so many of these products that have been either more or equally as good as this (with the right templates), and as easy to set up for... Years.. So many years.

    What made you choose this one? Do you think it compliments your other amazing work, ? Because it does.

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