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Have you ever noticed how online accounts are incredibly easy to sign up for, but can be stupidly difficult to close? Sometimes the Close Account option is right where you'd think it would be, but other times you have to hunt it down, clicking through menu after menu until you finally find out that you can't close it online, you actually have to call.


Last spring, CNN announced a text-only version of its site, linking to text-only articles, so people with spotty internet connections (such as the people then in Hurricane Irma's path) could access the news. Lite.cnn.io is ugly, but it's fast and functional. And it isn't the only pared-down news site.


If you're learning CSS, or you want a friendly introduction to some of its terms and concepts, try 30 Seconds of CSS. Each entry on this site shows a different bit of code, demonstrates the result, and explains how each part of the code works.


When it comes to designing a website, or even a single page, there are a few basic rules: Keep it fast, clean and simple. OK, that's all good and well, but once you get beyond the low-hanging fruit and into the nitty-gritty, what should you be paying attention to? You might be surprised what works and what doesn't, as Help Scout explains.


There is a website I used to visit on a daily basis that has recently adopted pop-up ads and when they're displayed on the mobile phone, it cripples my ability to view the main content. How I hate pop-up ads. Google seems to understand my consternation because it has just announced that websites with intrusive pop-up advertising will be demoted in its search engine rankings. Here's what you need to know.


Being a business owner comes with a lot of assumed knowledge; about their company, about their offerings and about their industry. But just because something is obvious to you doesn't mean it is for customers. To understand and to connect with customers better, every now and then a business owner needs to think like a customer. The best place to start doing this is through their official website. Here's how.


The folks over at The Next Web have a graphic design bundle going, and it's one of those "pay what you want" systems in which paying more than the average gets you a few extra goodies. And for the amount of goodies there are, the average is currently very low.


Keeping up with the latest CSS features can be daunting -- just when you've got your head around key frames and animations, you find out you can do scaling and translation using 3D acceleration. One such gem available in CSS3 is the "calc" function, which can be used to perform maths operations on various numbers and percentages, without the use of JavaScript.