iOS YouTube App Now Offers Smart TV Streaming

An update to the official iOS YouTube app now allows it to pair with smart TVs for easy couch video surfing.

It's a neat enough feature — albeit one that I haven't been able to test myself as yet apart from confirming that the update delivered via the Australian app store does include the functionality — although at least on the smart tv side, I'm not aware of any Smart TVs that don't include embedded YouTube functionality. I guess there you're mostly going to benefit from being able to use the iOS keyboard rather than the horrid onscreen keyboards most Smart TVs utilise. YouTube for iOS updates with “send to TV” feature [Slashgear]


    If they were a bit smarter, they could push the video as DLNA and it would not be dependent on a new smart TV, but would work with most smart TV's and Media Centres....

      Apple TV, use it with any TV, Youtube from the app is awesome.

      What and waste more battery on my phone? Stupid idea.

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