Briefly: NBN Satellite Plans, Hertz Car Sharing Apps

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including the NBN firming up its satellite plans, Hertz expanding its car-sharing scheme with new apps and Dymocks ditching its overpriced self-publishing platform.

  • NBN Co has signed up aerospace contractor Arianspace to manage its planned 2015 satellite launch. Two satellites will be launched to cover areas where fibre isn't economically practical.
  • Car rental company Hertz has launched Android and iOS apps for its Hertz On Demand car sharing service. The apps let members of the service locate and book nearby vehicles. Currently Sydney is the only Australian city offering it.
  • Dymocks is closing down its e-publishing business,which let would-be authors pay a fee to have their work published by the bookstore. We complained when it launched that the prices were stupidly high, so it's not exactly a surprise it didn't work.
  • Networks increasingly rely on live broadcasts to pull in ratings, but that doesn't mean time zone stupidity doesn't persist. TV Tonight notes that this week's opening round NRL clash will be broadcast live in NSW but on on an hour's delay in Queensland. Who's to blame? Both networks and Queenslanders (for not having daylight saving in the southern part of the state).


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