Use Color Lookup In Photoshop To Quickly Apply Filters

Thanks to apps like Instagram, colour effects that emulate film stocks and vintage camera styles have become increasingly popular. While we've seen Photoshop actions that provide these effects, and you can even make your own, Photoshop CS6 has a built-in tool that is far more flexible.

Color Lookup is an adjustment layer you can add on top of any photo by going to the Layer menu, choosing the New Adjustment Layer submenu, and then selecting Color Lookup. This will provide a panel of various effects (as pictured above) that you can select and instantly apply to your photo.

The upside of using an adjustment layer is that the effects are non-destructive and you can fade them in and out as much as you want (just like a normal layer). If you're a Photoshop user and you want to be able to add Instagram-like colour effects with ease while retaining a high amount of control, Color Lookup is your best option.

Quick Tip: Using the colour Lookup Adjustment Layer In CS6 [DIY Photography]


    ...if you spend $500+ on a powerful photo editing program, I'd hope you wouldn't want to make your photos look like they've come off of Instagram.

    Hipsters gonna hip.

    I actually used this on a photo last night for the first time. Nice, quick and easy, but I find the presets are a bit strong, so I dropped the opacity on it.

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