Enhance Your Photos In An Instant With These Photoshop Actions

Editing every one of your photos can be tedious, but you can save yourself a lot of time with Actions, the macros of Photoshop. While you can easily make your own, you can also find several incredible options out on the web. Here are some of our favourites.

Cross Processing and Vintage Effects

By now you've certainly heard of Instagram, which has popularised vintage camera effects. That's great if you have an iPhone, but if you're editing your photos from another camera (or just don't want to edit on your phone) you can still employ these effects with cross processing and vintage colour actions. These two do a great job with just a click.

Download Cross Process Download Vintage Effects

Black and White Conversion

If you've ever converted your photo to black and white, you know it doesn't always come out looking quite as beautifully artistic as you might have hoped. While you can use tricks to make more impactful adjustments, these actions will do the job for you a lot faster.

Download Black and White

Color the Eyes

Sometimes the eyes in your photos aren't as vivid as they could be, or perhaps you want to change their colour. The Bright Eyes action will help you enhance the eye colour in a photo to give it a greater impact. Eye colour will help you change the colour altogether. By default it changes eyes to blue, but you can simply adjust the hue yourself to get whatever colour you want.

Download Bright Eyes Download Eye Color

Pencil Sketch

Turning your photos into sketches can make some nice art for your walls, but the process of getting a realistic sketch can be time-consuming. This action just requires a click and a few seconds of your time.

Download Pencil Sketch

Postwork colour Effects

If you liked the colour and black and white effects in the previous actions, this pack can provide you with several more options. Fifty, to be exact. Just download them and add them to Photoshop and you'll have a new actions folder filled with plenty of colour effects to keep you busy.

Download 50 Photoshop Postwork Actions

Now that you've got a few new actions get to work. Enhance! Enhance! Enhance!

For more Photoshop actions, check out our sources: PhotoTuts+, Vandelay Design and Noupe.


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