Turn An IKEA Bookshelf Into An Attractive Bench

Turn An IKEA Bookshelf Into An Attractive Bench

We already knew that Ikea Expedit bookshelves could be turned into a bed with tons of storage, but you can also use one as an attractive bench.

As far as IKEA hacks go, this one is about as simple as it gets. You’ll basically set the unit down on its side, and put some pillows or cushions on top. If you want to decorate the backs of the shelves, IKEA Hackers suggests covering squares of cardboard with wrapping paper, and attaching them to the back. However, if your home is short on space, I could see sticking some fabric storage cubes in the compartments instead.

For more photos of the project, check out the source link. The guide calls for a Lack bookshelf, which is no longer available for sale, but an Expedit should work just as well.

IKEA Expedit Bookshelf to Bench [IKEA Hackers]


  • That bookshelf might be able to do it, but according to the source link its been discontinued. The current equivalent book case definitely can’t do this: I use one as an entertainment unit and my 20kg TV has created a permanent sag in the middle.

  • The thin shelves of the Expedit series definitely wouldn’t hold the weight. If you can find some thicker pieces from the offcuts section and hack them into the same size, that would be a lot better (would still probably add some reinforcements, given that IKEA uses cheap particle board).

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