Mailbox Makes Getting To Inbox Zero Easy

Mailbox Makes Getting To Inbox Zero Easy

Mailbox claims to “put email in its place” and that’s exactly what it does. With a few simple gestures (mainly swiping left and right), you can archive and delete emails as well as have them show back up in your inbox at some point in the indefinite future or have them sorted into a to-do list.

Adding this simple approach to your mailbox actually makes it incredibly easy to swipe your way down to zero. I approached the app with some scepticism, but quickly found myself managing and eliminating my emails with very little time and effort.

If you want to give Mailbox a try, you can do so for free. The first downside is that you have to join a waiting list to actually activate the software. Generally we do not post about software you can’t get immediately, but this is useful enough to make it worth the hassle. The second downside is that it’s Gmail-only for now.

Mailbox (Free)

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